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Whether you want a basic website with a few pages or you want an overwhelming online presence, Elyot can help! With a repertoire of high-performing, dynamic and static websites in our kitty...

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At Elyot, we use our own Agile Development Process – JTX. JTX is largely based on the Scrum Methodology, but also draws on Designing industry best practices such as: Interaction Design, Goal Directed Development, UML and Exploratory Testing.

The principles on which JTX is founded can be represented below:

Quality: At Elyot Technologies, our aim is to give each client repeatable results – you can expect the same quality every time. Technically, we use the best tools we can find and pride ourselves in being at the forefront of trends within the industry.

Integrity: is part of how we build trust with clients over a period of time; you will see that we do the right thing even when it’s hard or costly.

Agility: Agility works at all levels at Elyot; on the management-side we quickly respond to new trends in the market and on the ground, consultants are expected to act in a resourceful manner, seizing opportunities and remaining open to new learning experiences.

Openness: Clear communication is essential for solving problems, exposing risks and recognizing ingenuity.

Simplicity: Most effective designs are very simple. Any approach must be simple to understand and simple to implement.

Development and delivery

Our development and delivery approach is to build solutions in smaller, measurable chunks. This way we can communicate using the best means possible – working software. We see documents, models, correspondence and meetings as no more than tools that aid us in understanding and delivery.

JTX has 5 primary phases, as illustrated below:

Vision: During the vision stage, we work with the client to develop the “idea” into a fully fleshed-out product vision. In some cases, the client will already have a clear idea of product scope; in this case we document and agree.

Plan: During the planning stage, we create the plan for the project based on the vision/scope and high-level requirements of the vision phase. Typical output of this phase is deriving the project management plan with specifics plans for handling quality, risk, communication, resource and cost.

Design: Design is where the vision is broken down into features. Depending on the project, it may be that UI models need to be developed. Key technical challenges and risks must also be dealt with using prototypes, POCs and spikes.

Build: Build is where features are converted into working Designing software. Iterations are typically 3-4 weeks long. They are fixed delivery increments with variable scope or output. Developers start with creating unit tests, then write code until tests pass. Once unit tests are passed, the features are deemed complete and then ready for verification tests by the QA team.

Release: Release includes all of the elements of integration, system testing and release to production. JTX uses the Elyot developed tool - Quality Point (QP) as a simple, yet powerful tool to get the product out of the door. The QP is a measure of how good the system is. Once QP has been reached, the product is ready for launch.

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Graphics Designing

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