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SEM (Search Engine marketing)

Web Designing

Whether you want a basic website with a few pages or you want an overwhelming online presence, Elyot can help! With a repertoire of high-performing, dynamic and static websites in our kitty...

  •  E-papers
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  •  Education
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  • Design/HTML
  • Adwords
  • Adsense
  • Pay per click
  • Organic key word purchasing

Website maintenance and enhancement

  • Improving websites that have been in use
  • Improving your designing
  • Following User Interface Design

Advantages of Elyot’s web design services

  • Our designs are SEO-friendly.
  • Our websites are flexible, scalable, and accessible.
  • We integrate web analytics tools, allowing you to monitor traffic and take concrete steps to increase conversion rates.
  • We take great efforts to ensure seamless navigation and attractive design to keep visitors on your web page till they take the desired action.
  • We design your website interface keeping in mind the best practices, user behavior headingadjusts, and past trends.
  • We know that cookie-cutter solutions don’t work. Your needs are always unique and we go the extra mile to present our clients with a customized website interface.
  • We track results on an ongoing basis and take requisite steps to enhance performance.
  • We test the website’s performance under different conditions, platforms and scenarios to ensure visitor satisfaction. Our quality assurance processes make your website totally user friendly.


Direction is more important than speed.
When we began in the year 2007, we were a determined group of passionate Designing professionals who wanted to be recognized not for our size, but for our expertise.

Our portfolio

Non-Profit Educational Co-Operative Forms New Interactive Web Site
To serve its Tertiary Institution Stakeholders and create a more interactive Web site, a leading Educational Co-operative enrolled Elyot Technologies to build the right for its Web presence.


  •  Content Management System(CMS)
  •  User Interface Applications(UI)
  •  Fashion Application Systems(FAS)
  •  Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  •  Search Engine Marketing(SEM)