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At Elyot Technologies, we use a proven delivery model for all our global outsourcing projects. Combining the best in quality, processes, people and infrastructure, we deliver Designing services to customers in a way that meets their business requirements.

Onsite Model: Under the onsite delivery model, Elyot Technologies positions its team of Designing professionals on the client's site. For the entire project life cycle—starting from the point of collecting information until its implementation and release in the market and well into the maintenance and support stages— our team works in tandem with the client’s team.

Offsite Model: Our off-site delivery model combines responsiveness with cost-effectiveness. Our team of qualified Designing professionals are assigned to your project and help analyze, architect, implement, test, integrate, host and support solutions. Here, all activities are performed by one of Elyot's global offices in an offsite location near the client's site.

Offshore Model: Under this model, the entire project is executed from Elyot's Offshore Development Centre (ODC) in India. The project gets executed using well-defined process centric templates and procedures. Our offshore team in India works with the client to understand the business requirements defines the scope, and control quality throughout the project lifecycle.

Blended Model (Onsite + Offsite + Offshore): Blended delivery enables us to maintain much of the design and project management in the customer’s site while development, testing and integration activities occur at our offshore development centre in Chennai, India. Our onsite and offsite staff will work with the client to understand the business requirements, define the scope, and control quality throughout the project lifecycle.

Elyottechnologies solutions


  •  Content Management System(CMS)
  •  User Interface Applications(UI)
  •  Fashion Application Systems(FAS)
  •  Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  •  Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
Elyottechnologies Graphics designing

Graphics Designing

  •  Print & Character Design
  •  Business Card Design
  •  Animation & Game Design
  •  Broachers & Greeting Card Design
  •  Logo & Banner Design Design
Elyottechnologies Search Engine Marketing


  •  Design/HTML 
  •  Adwords  
  •  Adsense  
  •  Pay per click 
  •  Organic key word purchasing